Milford Haven Rendezvous

The Milford Haven rendezvous was held as planned on 4th August with drinks
on Sweet Surrender followed by an excellent dinner at The Charthouse
Restaurant. Of the original boats Den Njord has left the rally after
Stromness as planned for an extensive cruise in the Hebrides. Cloudberry
was delayed in Ireland as Alan had to attend a funeral. Scarba’s crew
were away dealing with family illness. Bonaventure had gone on ahead to
Plymouth. Insieme had planned to leave after Howth but a change of
circumstances has allowed them to stay with us. Tulameen who had joined
the rally at Peterhead had diverted, again as planned, through the
Caledonian Canal and back to Limehouse. Present at the dinner were

Dream Catcher
Rainbow Catcher
Sweet Surrender

We were particularly pleased that amongst the crew of Sweet Surrender were
Mike and Greta Bell who had been able to join at Howth.
At the time of writing on 6th Rainbow Catcher and Dorran are moored on Lundy
and most of the rest of the fleet is planning to go direct to Padstow today.