Friday 6th May 2005

After a certain amount of turbulence at home caused by the theft of Heather’s car last weekend we were ready to leave by 1415.     Only about 40 of the 165 jobs on the list had not been done – including the Income Tax Return (sorry Gordon Brown) but the grass was cut, the hair was cut, the beard trimmed and the weeds Weedolled.     We already knew that some boats were on the move.     Cloudberry (Alan Emmett) has left the Solent while Dorran (Chris Potarzycka) was already mothballed in Port Edgar Marina at Edinburgh.    We had a trailer full of bikes and pushchairs while the car was full with food and clothes, shelves and new bottom board for the dinghy.     In case you are wondering, the booze had already been taken to the boat the previous week.
Setting out.jpg

Ready! ??


We reached the boat at 1645 having collected a new fan belt, a cylinder of gas, a plastic footsep for the helmsman to replace the rusty metal one and an extra portable water carrier.     Unloading was heavy work and we began to pack away, doubting that it would all go in.    By 1930 we were ready to eat so we had David’s beef strips in pepper sauce at the Club.     Then Iain left to take the car and trailer home while Penny continued packing away, which she continued until midnight.     Reaching home at 2215 Iain did the last few bits of tidying up and fell into bed at the same time.